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You can operate and manage your business’s text message service easily from your own phone! You don’t need special knowledge or technology. You can do it all! Sign up to start free online texting today.

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Your own private account, your own private text keywords, and your own payment plan. Access your private CattleText account anytime you need it, day or night, to communicate with more customers.

Cattle People are Glued to Their PHones, Right?

Everyone knows most cattle people are attached to their phones 24/7. Imagine being able to reach thousands of cattle people by text anytime you want! Text marketing is the newest, most reliable way to grow your reach. All under your control.
Text blasts get 6x more engagement than email blasts, and a nearly 100% open rate!
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Use CattleText to get your up-to-the-minute messages right in front of your customers. You can even include pictures through our MMS (image and video) service!

Send Notifications

Text everyone on your list in seconds! With your own private CattleText account, your contacts are confidential to you, and you can reach them all in seconds. Short, sweet messages that get your clients the info they need and want.

Don’t want to manage your own text platform?

Use CattleText and Ranch House Designs broadcast service to send out your message!

If you prefer to have someone else do your ad work, we can handle that too. Text plus email broadcasts start at just $350 and reach over 30,000 existing subscribers to CattleText and Ranch House Designs’ lists.

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Who Can Use CattleText?



Send sale updates, semen and embryo inventory updates, and ranch news. Text marketing helps people stay connected to your brand.


Use group messaging to reach all your members in seconds. Great for events, shows, and activities. Your contacts are private, and you manage your own list through CattleText private label service.

Shows & Events

Send entry reminders, schedule reminders, and more! Setup your own keywords for individual shows and notify everyone in seconds. With CattleText private label accounts, you’re in control!

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